Avodah is hosting business forums for entrepreneurs and business owners. If you are starting a new endeavor, have recently started a business, or your business is in a season of transition, we invite you to participate.

Our workshops are hands-on in a clinic format for you as a leader to explore new ideas, gain fresh perspective, pick up needed tools, and break past bottlenecks. We look at the big picture and drill into deeper issues, providing a place to discuss challenges, pressures, needs, as well as your successes. We include think tanks as a secure place for group discussion as well as practical tools for brainstorming. Few leaders have place to verbally process their team dynamics, operational bottlenecks, or leadership needs. Through collaboration and skilled coaching you find support, encouragement and new ideas for forward progression.

Our method includes interactive think tanks, hands on clinics, storytelling, and personal consulting formats. Our hope is that our combination of interactive formats along with shared expertise provides a problem-solving synergy that encourages you with solutions beyond what isolated leadership alone can provide.

The first step is asking the right questions and capturing an accurate landscape of your business. From there we dig deeper. We aim to provide tools for business leaders and entrepreneurs. This approach is different from a “how to” tutorial or a get rich quick gimmick. We aim to equip you to lead and problem solve. Leaders build. Managers maintain. Both are needed, however at Avodah we focus on leadership.


Entrepreneur Workshop: June 7, 2018, Fairview, TN. This half-day workshop is a great fit for anyone looking to gain more perspective about identity and branding, and building a plan for your new endeavor. Attendance is open, however registration is required. Please contact us for more info and to save your seat.