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In the post below is an interview with an executive coaching client, Eric Simon, owner of Plexus Software in Kansas City, KS. Our work with Plexus (previously known as IQ Coordinator) started as an in-depth rebranding project. To see the before-and-after scope of the branding project, please visit our sister site: www.AvodahDesign.com  


1. How did the Executive Coaching come about?

Eric:  At first I was thinking that I only needed help to rebrand our company and our product. However, as the rebranding process developed, many deeper and more fundamental questions began to emerge which helped me realize that I needed clearer vision, purpose, and coaching–not just rebranding–to take our company to the next level.


2. How did Executive Coaching help you?

Eric:  We had been in business for 17 years. Our product had matured, but our brand, website, and user-interface were outdated and ineffective. Additionally, as the entrepreneur, my leadership had historically been centered on the innovation and engineering of our product and not the development of my teams. Executive Coaching helped me to more clearly see my role and identity as the leader/CEO of my business. I’ve always heard that few entrepreneurs can transition from their role into the CEO role, but Executive Coaching enabled me to see the leadership I had developed through the difficult years of building the business. It gave me an achievable vision as well as some practical steps to begin to make that transition to CEO.


3. What was your experience with Executive Coaching?

Eric:  I found it to be very, very encouraging. It was at times difficult and confrontational in a good way, because it was unto coaching me into the role that both I and my company really wanted me to take on.

Executive Coaching was effective also because they participated in many meetings where we discussed the vision and branding of the company. Having our coach part of those meetings gave them the necessary insight into the main players on my leadership team as well as our cultural dynamics. This allowed her to see both our strengths and our blind spots and coach me from that place of being on the ground with me vs. from afar. Executive Coaching provided coaching on how to guide specific members of the team into their best roles.

It also helped me to assign a wiser weight to the various voices on my team. And finally, as the bottleneck of the company, I was our largest blocker to our growth.  Executive Coaching deepened my conviction to delegate more tasks, freeing me up to lead.

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