Working with entrepreneurs and re-emerging business leaders is one of my passions. The unique pressures, ecstatic successes, the big picture to the small details, all comprise a beautifully intricate and sometimes overwhelming process. That’s why business coaching is a great tool in the professional development world. Coaching is personalized and it’s customized to target the uniquenesses.

My beginnings as a business coach started with my branding work. Brand development provided a lens into the world of my business clients, their team dynamics, issues they faced and their own leadership needs. It was from this lens that the conversations, support and eventually coaching emerged. It overlapped with my masters-level organizational development training some years back. In the coaching successes I found myself saying “I love helping people get unstuck!”


Is it right for you?

First, let’s start with what business coaching is not:  Business coaching is not telling you how to run your business. It is not giving you a tasks list of everything you need to do to be successful. It does not provide legal, bookkeeping or CPA advice. It is not emotional counseling or a bi-monthly pep rally telling you how great you are. (We don’t support narcissism… or pity parties for that matter.) Business coaching is not a overnight pop-up, plug-and-play business plan.

Rather, business coaching is so much more!


Business Coaching is making leaders great.

There’s a difference between a leader and a manager. Managers are task oriented. They focus on what they are told and how to direct others to complete tasks. Leaders see their people as the real asset. They look for ways to develop people into more than a task-fulfilling-machine because that’s where even greater value provides return. Leaders develop people, teams and businesses into a living organization that grows itself.

Essentially, business coaching is leadership development. Using the real life circumstances of business—bottlenecks, organizational demands, relational challenges, client needs, and even the fears and stress points of the individual leaders—is the training ground for leadership development and thus business success.


Business Coaching provides practical help.

It’s not a program with a classroom-style outline. Your business is the classroom, which means the details of your business itself provides the content we’ll discuss. Each and every business coaching process is unique to the individual, business, niche, and the big picture all the way down to the nitty-gritty details.

For entrepreneurs it is not uncommon to start with an overview of their business, the processes already engaged, and where there’s need to properly develop and run their business. Here’s where it’s very practical. If you need a business lawyer for articles of incorporation or general counsel, I have someone I may recommend. If you unsure what steps you need to take in a certain area, I’ll ask you questions that help you think outside of the box or lead you in a direction for proper research or vetting within your industry or niche. Step by step, in an order of priority and demand, we work through the topics to tackle each area appropriately.

For the experienced small-business leader the most common support is analytical in nature. Often walking out the role of business owner and leader can be isolating. The need is to discuss very real issues in a context where the situations can be understood from a leadership perspective, yet is proprietarily safe and solutions are based in a motivation to help the leader without fear of improper gain or usury from the confidant. For businesses and teams who have been operating over time, a professional outside perspective can be helpful for leaders who are perhaps so familiar with the key players and dynamics they cannot see the obvious, they need to be challenged with alternative options, or they simply need help thinking outside of the very real pressures in a bigger-picture format in how to navigate. These are just two examples of very real needs of the business owners I’ve worked with.


Is It Worth The Investment?

First, consider what professional classroom training would cost in time and money, but without the personalization of coaching. Next, consider the cost of strategic analysis that takes an in-depth look at your company or plan, but provides results without the personalized follow-up and support. Finally, consider the cost of bending the ear of a friend or colleague who has the potential of self-interest in the game or a lack of proper understanding that might skew the feedback.

Our process at Avodah Consulting is problem solving, strategic analysis, specialized coaching, leadership and team development and it brings targeted support for you. With us you’ll have a coach who themselves been a business leader, has professional masters-level training, has faced both failure and success, and combines intuitive and logical skills to target each leader’s unique circumstances and needs.

In a time of self-made gurus and get rich quick gimmickry the idea of doing it alone can deceive. The professional support offered through business leadership development (business coaching) works to establish lasting foundations, operational soundness, supportive feedback for personal leadership development, insight and suggestions for effectiveness and functional teams, and much more. Time and again the feedback I have received is that business coaching is invaluable. These were the ones who approached the process in all honesty and worked out the coaching journey thoroughly.

~ Sarah

If it sounds like business coaching is right for you please send us an email.