Facades or Genuine Content?

I met a fellow at a business luncheon who was eager to share his business endeavors with me. Finding delight in hearing and studying the business journey for successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs alike, I was eager to listen and learn. After a few questions and probing to determine his practice and his goals, I felt disillusioned with the discovery.

On the surface Rich promoted that he could provide a much needed service to a certain needy demographic. He believed he was bringing a legitimate service to high-need arena as an honorable endeavor. He had also found a way to make very good money in the process. However, the more we spoke it became evident that his goal was to simply create an empty shell of a system, package it with as a sleek sales machine, and make bank off the needs of people with a paint-by-number marketing plan. I walked away wondering if it was the immaturity or youthfulness that had a poor understanding of a healthy respect for others and honest business. The “scheme” was an opportunity to get rich quick without concern for genuine support and service.

I am opposed to gimmicks and tricks. Marketing and sales machines that sell people empty services or ineffective product is a personal hot button of disgust. When you peel back the façade, is it a real solution, a real support, a real product or is it simply a ploy to make big bucks from consumer manipulation and deception?


I believe in and support content over façades. 

Looking beyond facades and marketing deception, the very core life necessitates real food, real products, and real services. As a business consultant and executive coach I look for clients who are providing honest business with real, living, legitimate content to their clients or consumers. In like kind, the service I provide my clients is more than marketing or organizational development quick tricks. We dig deep, get real, and its rather customized to their needs, not mine.


Sowing and reaping is a real thing. 

You put a seed into the ground, tend it, and it grows life. What exactly are you growing? It will determine your harvest—life or self-serving emptiness. Don’t think that a shiny marketing façade will provide a harvest for your life beyond its empty shell of content in the long run. This flimsy form of business will find you out.

Where as the seed of honest business, though it takes work and diligence, provides a lasting and fulfilling harvest. Long term, consider the benefits.


Work is good and honorable. 

In an era where the curtains are getting pulled on big business, government, and leaders in every sphere, the deception of getting away with illegitimate business practice is getting busted. Why would you willingly seek anything but honesty, integrity and genuine, truthful business practices? Will your business plan serve, benefit others and profit?